Aged Care Agency Reporting

It’s all very well being able to put information into an aged care management system, but that’s no good if you can’t get it out again in the format you need. 

Fortunately, CarePlanner makes it easy to generate detailed reports on every aspect of your organisation. And then to print, email or export these reports at the click of a button.

You can save customised, filtered versions of reports, and export everything to Excel for further processing.


Powerful report generation across all your data


Restrict reporting access


Report on system activity


CSV export all/any data

Training and Compliance Reports

Let’s say you’re facing a ACQSC Review Audit, and need to be able to show that all your staff are up-to-date with their training. A potentially daunting task! In CarePlanner, however, this report is just a click away.

Need to demonstrate that your clients’ care plans are up-to-date? Or that you’ve undertaken Police Checks for frontline staff? Again, as a CarePlanner user, those details are at your fingertips.

Similarly, lists of all required documentation for both service users and staff can be pulled up in one printable summary.

    Holiday Reporting

    If the summer is looming and you want to look at holiday bookings and entitlement, we’ve got a report that can show you what you need to know.

    Similarly, if you want to know how many of your clients don’t require care at the moment, then CarePlanner can tell you.

      Punctuality and Time & Attendance Reports

      Are you are interested in care quality and punctuality statistics? Because with CarePlanner, you can draw on the data stored by one of our time and attendance systems.

      Again, this is all available in one sortable, filterable report.

      Contact Details Reports

      Sometimes, reporting requirements are simple – like printing off a list of staff contact details, perhaps for an on-call supervisor who won’t have access to the main CarePlanner system.

      Fortunately, reports like this are just one click away, and can be customised to show just the data that is necessary and required.

      Custom Reporting

      Finally, you might already have a suite of business KPIs and metrics that you want to run on the raw appointment data within CarePlanner. That’s okay – we’ve made it simple for you to pull out literally every detail possible for each visit that your care staff have made within any date range.

      Modern care agency reporting needs to be both robust and specific. We believe that there’s something for everyone in our reporting system – from super-quick rota generation for admin staff, through to comprehensive financial reports for management and accountants.

      Additional Features

      Travel Payments

      Choose how and when to pay/bill for mileage, at what rate, and based on exact distances and the time travelled.

      Time & Attendance

      Know for certain that a carer has attended an appointment, and receive a warning if they haven’t arrived.

      Invoicing and Payroll

      One-click professionally branded invoice production and distribution. Customise timesheets for your staff.

      Rota Scheduling

      Complete your care worker rotas faster than ever before with our intelligent, simple visual rostering system.

      Third Party Integrations

      Full integration with CM2000 should you require it. Additional integration with other platforms and API connection possible.

      Record Keeping

      Keep track of staff training, service user requirements and day-to-day incidents with CarePlanner’s thorough record keeping system.

      Carer Mobile App

      Keep your care staff in the loop with our dedicated mobile app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

      eMedication Management

      Set up detailed medication requirements for each service user. Never miss a medication delivery. Audit trail for all deliveries.


      Customise colours, permissions, dashboards, alerts – it’s easy to make CarePlanner your own.

      Easy & Secure Access

      Login from anywhere. 256-bit, online banking-grade security; accessible to your staff from anywhere on virtually any device.

      Communication and Alerts

      Keep in touch with care workers on the move. Send rota, or care requirement, changes and receive notifications in real time.
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